17 June 2011

I can, but I don't.

Because she's my Mummy.

I can’t swear in front of my mother;
Except for a ‘bugger!’ or ‘bum!’
Since the day that I first
Got a smack when I cursed;
I can’t swear in front of my Mum.

I know it won’t get me in trouble;
But I bear quite an ethical scar.
Though I’ve managed to lose
Other childhood taboos,
I just can’t swear in front of my Ma.

With friends I can break out the ‘S’ word,
On the web, my expletives abound;
I have some expertise
With a few effing cees;
Only not when my mother’s around.

The fact I offend in her absence
Doesn’t bug her one way or another.
I can curse a blue streak
Any day of the week;
But I can’t swear in from of my mother.

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