19 July 2011

Brains vs Bible

Because ethics and the Christian Democratic Party are two different things.

Yesterday, Fred Nile and his Christian Democratic Party threatened to withhold their support of the NSW Government's proposed Industrial Relations changes unless ethics classes in state primary schools - held as an alternative to religious education - were scrapped. The CDP's press release is here and ABC News' coverage is here. To put it in simpler terms, he doesn't want kids to learn anything if they're not learning about scripture, because they might like the something else better. And if kids learn about ethics, they might figure out that blackmailing the government to get what you want is, well... you know.

Fred Nile objects quite vocally to primary ethics classes;
As do his Christian Democratic chums;
They’d rather have objectors sitting outside on their arses
And twiddling their young scripture-snubbing thumbs.
The Reverend doesn’t want your kids to think or read or learn;
While their mates absorb the teaching of God’s word;
And the thought that they’d be anything but still and taciturn;
Is, to true believers, patently absurd.
Anything except pure idleness is competition, see:
To the stuff that Scripture kids are being fed;
And we mustn’t have a pedagogical deficiency
While those sneaky opter-outers get ahead.
The implication is, of course, that sitting on one’s hands
Is equivalent, in academic weight;
To the scripture class curriculum; and Fred Nile understands;
That without dumb folk, he won’t control the state.

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