15 September 2011


Because once and a while it gets to me.

Far be it for me to criticise how people speak;
But this is, after all, suppose to be quite tongue and cheek.
I cannot curve my appetite for offering advise,
When people make mistakes – another words, don’t dot their eyes.
I know that some can’t help theirselves, but somethink must be done;
Our language is on tender hooks – it’s doomed! Ask any one.
‘Cause when the death nail sounds and we ignore what could of been,
We’ll all be saying ‘PIN number’ and ‘ATM machine’.
We need to reach agreeance on the things what people say,
And weather one way’s better then a wholly nother way.
It’s still a working progress; all we need is some incite.
There’s no statue of limitations on getting it right.
Whatever your criterias or currant paradigm,
I urge you all whole-hardily – it’s really worth your time.
If that don’t work, I think I’ll chuck it in – I minus well;
For all intensive purposes, our lingo’s gone to Hell.