06 October 2011

For Chrys and Dave, on their birthday.

Roughly eighteen million people have a birthday on today,
But I’m only going to concentrate on two.
Both these people mean a lot to me, each in their own cool way;
I can only hope they mean the same to you.

Ms Chrys Stevenson is not afraid to tell things like they are;
She’s articulate and fun and kind and smart.
Anyone can have a go at Goddy bullies from afar,
But she’s made critical analysis an art.

Now Dave the Happy Singer has a suffix of “dot com”
He attacks blind ignorance from many angles;
He’s a skilled and funny orator, no matter where you’re from,
But what’s more, he’s got a coat with pretty spangles.

Happy birthday, lovely webby mates! You make the world a blast,
Whether podcasting or singing or in text;
May this day of yours be grand; I hope it’s nowhere near the last;
And I hope to be your friend until the next.

1 comment:

  1. These guys are as brill as metrosexual haircut.