15 November 2011

Build a Big Gay Bridge.

Because it really isn't a big deal.

This one is for all those Australians (*cough* Australian Christian Lobby *cough*) who oppose same-sex marriage because of the erroneous view that it will somehow destroy what is historically good and right and will turn everyone into demonic homosexual pedophile gangbangers against their will.* 

You don’t have to be gay or like gayness.
You don’t have to feel hassled or harried.
You don’t have to touch anyone’s anus.
You don’t have to get same-gender married.
There’s no need to consult with tradition,
About who boys and girls can climb onto.
All we ask is the legal permission
For gay people to wed if they want to.

*It almost certainly won't.

1 comment:

  1. So simple, yet being made into something so complex.