05 November 2011

The Twittercrush

Because some people want to follow your brains out.

It begins as a squiggle you see on your screen;
By somebody you don’t really know.
You just notice their avatar pop up between
All the others above and below.

You may see them retweeted by some of your friends;
With a chestnut both witty and vehement.
Soon it seems every pixel that he or she sends
Has you nodding your head in agreement.

Like a small, open window that offers a view
To the rugged pastiche of their mind,
Every tweet looks increasingly sparkly and new,
With the sun shining out from behind.

Now, you’re not at a party or populous bar;
There’s no need to feel awkward or shy.
You don’t need to trade glances and smiles from afar;
You just make with a quick @ reply.

They respond. You feel warm and a little bit smug.
You’re exchanging coy banter apace.
It feels something like having an intimate hug
On a lounge, in a dimly-lit place.

Sometimes bold interlopers may enter the field,
With a well-thought-out quip here and there.
You politely accede, lest your game be revealed,
Though you clearly do not want to share.

What you have is a Twittercrush, passed on by stealth;
From the thoughts in another one’s head.
It cares not for appearance, nor gender nor wealth,
Nor for who you have waiting in bed.

With a Twittercrush, no-one gets cheated on much;
There’s no scope for bad break-ups or bitterness.
You’re not really in love with a person, as such;
You’re just smitten to bits with their twitterness.


  1. Anonymous12:55 am

    So true!!

    I love this :)

    Lucas (@c0denix)

  2. I had a crush on you already, der-brain.

  3. I love this. Line 6 trips me up a bit but otherwise the pacing is excellent, and the last line with its lovely consonance is just awesome.