07 December 2011

Argumentum ad Antiquitatem

Because arguments from antiquity are getting old.

A broad definition describing ‘Tradition’,
Is ‘that’s just the way things have always been done’.
It’s nice when applied to the dress of a bride,
Or a yard glass of ale when you turn twenty-one.
But it soon becomes strange when opposing a change,
And relied upon solely, as if it’s enough.
If we never advance from traditional stance
Then we may as well keep all the following stuff:

Religious castration. Race-based immigration.
Foot binding. Forbidding gay people to wed.
Apartheid division. Slave trade. Circumcision.
The hanging of men by the neck ‘til they’re dead.
Lobotomies. Caning. Sex-ed by abstaining.
Denying black people and women the vote.
Widespread public flogging. Old-growth forest logging.
Bloodletting through cuts in the arm or the throat.

The hunting of foxes. Bare-knuckled pro boxers.
Re-homing indigenous children with whites.
A solemn expression of prayer in each session
Of parliament. Flabby posh men wearing tights.
The Queen of Australia and royal regalia.
A seat allocation in ‘smoking’ or ‘non’.
Church leaders dictating. Bullfighting. Bear baiting.
I think my point’s made. Now it’s time to move on.