27 February 2012

Godwin's Law

Because badness = Nazism

Wherever there are online screeds that someone doesn’t like;
You’ll find “That’s what the Nazis say!”
Or “Göring often thought that way!”
Or “Auschwitz still exists today -
It’s just like the Third Reich!”
And other frothing rants from those whose brains have gone on strike.

Discussions on the internet abide by Godwin’s Law:
As comment threads are slowly spun,
The chance of a comparison
To Hitler’s reign approaches one.
Of that you can be sure.
The best approach, as Fawlty reasoned: don’t mention the war.

No matter what the topic is, or what is being said;
Some sorry troll will always come
And follow Godwin’s rule of thumb;
Reductio ad Hitlerum
Will raise its ugly head;
And render any argument immediately dead.