15 March 2012

For Rick, on his birthday.

Because there are plenty of things that rhyme with "Rick".

Today I’d like to celebrate
Another year of Rick.
A man whose nose for news is great;
Whose awful puns are quick;
Whose love for rhymes and dinosaurs
And science makes him tick.
A man with everlasting stores
Of witty rhetoric.
When first we shared some tweets online
I’m sure I heard a click.
And now I call him “friend of mine”
And hope our bond will stick.
He’s bright, articulate and fun,
Intelligent and quick;
So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Squiggly one!
I think you’re fully sick.

(Hey look! I made it to the end
Without once saying “dick”!)

1 comment:

  1. Rick M1:34 pm

    I wish I could be as talented as you! This was a simply delightful poem!