26 October 2012

The Gift

Because women and babies deserve better.

In the US, Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock made some now-infamous comments this week, which speak volumes about his (and presumably his party's) attitude towards women (or, so the far-right Christian dinosaurs amongst you can understand me: "incubators who iron").

I couldn't let this one slip by.

O thank you God for giving me this very precious gift;
For bestowing your good grace within my womb.
Every time I sense its growing form, its tiny body shift,
I can feel the love of Jesus newly bloom.

I know not why I was chosen for this most momentous task;
Why you set this path for me to bravely tread.
With my head awash with wonder, I must very humbly ask:
Why me, Lord? Why not another lamb instead?

Why not Ashraf and Letitia, now on fourth-round IVF?
Why not Helen, with her history of miscarriage?
Why not Kate, whose first was unresponsive and profoundly deaf?
Why not Anh, whose childlessness affects her marriage?

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, please forgive my reckless gall;
I know not how your grand plan for me is shaped.
But I wonder, Lord, since you control what happens to us all;
Why you didn’t intervene when I was raped?