06 November 2012

For Brocklesnitch, on her birthday.

Because somebody once said "you should follow this one" and they were right.

Twitter’s full of numpties, bullies, arsehats, trolls and bitches.
With a puppy here and there, or funny cat.
Oh, if only it was full up to the brim with Brocklesnitches,
I would be extremely happy about that.

Bec can make me giggle and procrastinate for hours;
She takes English words and puts them to good use;
She’s exemplary with puns and publicising whiskey sours;
And she understands my jokes when they’re obtuse.

It’s Brocklesnitch’s birthday, so it’s time to celebrate,
And although I’ve never met her face-to-face,
I’m quite certain I can call this connoisseur of wit my mate.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You make Earth a happy place. 

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