25 January 2013


Because I learned a new word.

Today, thanks to the learned and most entertaining Patrick Stokes, I learned the word "Unscience". This is for you, Patrick. Thank you.

Stand up on a stage and shout,
Throw established science out,
Drama’s what it’s all about,
And rigid-lipped defiance.
Speak incessantly and fast,
Hoist your derp flag up the mast,
Claim your source is unsurpassed,
That’s how you do Unscience!

Do away with common sense,
Use in your defence,
Make sure you’ve an audience,
To see you do your thing.
Move your goalposts day to day,
Scoff at what real experts say,
Get some slides with graphs on. Yay!
Now you’re Unsciencing!

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