14 March 2013

Thank you Meryl Dorey

Because she finally did something right.

Yesterday, NSW Health Minister Jillian Skinner introduced suggested amendments to the Health Care Complaints Act to NSW Parliament (Go read Reasonable Hank and Dr Rachie for more thorough treatment). 

In a nutshell, these amendments make it easier for the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) to respond to complaints about dodgy health service providers. Previously, a complaint had to be backed up by evidence that a health service provider had directly affected the care of an individual. If this bill passes, a complaint can be acted upon if the health of an individual is likely to be affected. 

A subtle difference, perhaps, but the wording of the current Act provided a loophole large enough for Meryl Dorey of the Australian Vaccination Network to slide through when she took the HCCC to court last year. And it was precisely that case that prompted the change. 

That's right. Thanks to Ms Dorey and her AVN, the government has taken a lot of notice of how easy it is for "health" "service" providers such as herself to spread misinformation and endanger the health of families without penalty, and it sounds like that's all going to change. 

I'd like to express my gratitude. This one's for you, Meryl.

If you hadn't thrown your toys at the Health Care Complaints Commission;
If you’d not made special pleading your relentless, lifelong mission;
Then our leaders might not know of your intention to mislead;
So thank you, Meryl Dorey. Thank you very much indeed.

If you’d done the thing that public health officials said you ought:
And just changed your site a bit, instead of taking them to court;
Then the legislation wouldn’t need to change the way it’s lettered.
So thank you, Meryl Dorey. We are very much indebted.

If you’d never bitched and moaned ‘bout how the government’s a farce;
If you’d not said Tanya Plibersek was talking out her arse,
Then they might be more inclined to let you do the things you’ve done.
So thank you, Meryl Dorey. Thanks a lot. I owe you one.

If you’d never drawn attention to the way you run your show;
If associates of yours weren’t just as dangerous and low;
Then they wouldn’t soon be answering to summonses and such.
So thank you, Meryl Dorey. Thank you very, very much.

While we're on the topic, go see the good folk at Stop The AVN, without whom there'd be a lot more anti-vax bollocks in the media. Go on. They're not nearly as nasty as Meryl says.


  1. Brilliant, as always. :-)

  2. "Speaking of kicks to the groin, have you read today's poem?"

    1. As fine a paraphrase as ever I've seen.

  3. I don't know which is more wonderful - the news or your telling of it.