22 March 2013

The Equation.

Because everything minus God equals everything.

The sun would still rise and the sun would still set.
The oceans would still be enormous and wet.
The waves would still spray
In that nice splashy way.
There’d still be tornadoes and breezes.

Deciduous leaves would still turn brown and drop.
The mountains would still be quite pointy on top;
The glaciers with snow
And the tides’ ebb and flow
Would still be just so without Jesus.

Large beasts would still prey on the sick and the lame.
The number of cats would stay roughly the same.
Terrestrial signs
Of large footprints in lines
Would still show where dinosaurs trod.

There’d still be new species evolving apace
Bananas would fit just as well in your face;
And nipples on guys
Would still be a surprise
Notwithstanding a wise, mighty god.

There’d still be poor people and conflicts and drought;
There’d still be despots who are evil throughout;
And people who heal,
And who give a great deal,
And devote all their efforts to care.

There’d still be small children who suffer and choke,
There’d still be grandfathers knocked down by a stroke.
It won’t change the chances
Of dying from cancers
If nobody answers a prayer.

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