16 September 2013

Sorry. Work.

Because pomes don't buy as much food as other things do.

Lots of work.
Really great work for a top-notch client.
Designing e-learning modules from scratch
Might not be your thing
But it is mine.
And my oldest client
(The confidential one)
Sends me lots of copywriting to do.
I can’t tell you what it is, 
But it helps a lot at trivia nights.
Like the one a couple of months ago –
The hospital fundraiser.
I was on the ambo team.
We totally smashed it.
We beat the nurses, the doctors,
The admin staff – everyone.
We won chocolate and hats.
I’m also writing a weekly thing
About hot dead people.
It was my editor’s idea
But between you and me
I think she picked the right person to write it.
And I’ve only missed one
When my otherwise reliable heart
Of the left ventricle.
It hurt.
But having a paramedic for a partner -
Despite the night-shifts
And difficult-to-iron uniforms - 
Is pretty fantastic when your heart hurts.
Hospital was strange.
Stressful and frightening in some ways,
Relaxing and friendly in others.
It provided me with the opportunity
To remind the Emergency Department staff
How much they suck at trivia.
I’ll get better slowly.
In time to talk pomes
Lots of pomes, only half-hatched yet.
So there have been pomes
But not here.


  1. Love your work.
    Please stay upright.
    We need more pomes -
    When you can.

  2. Anonymous11:12 am

    I'm so sorry for nagging! I hope that all is well with that ticker.
    And glad. Truly glad that there's lots of work keeping you in cookies.
    If perchance one ever wanted to commission something, how would one get in touch?

  3. Anonymous, why not get in touch via Twitter - @shellity.