27 November 2013

The I Don't Know Hole

Because we don't have to know everything.

Now a vacuum is something that Nature abhors.
It’s not one to acknowledge a void.
If there’s ever a spot
In which something is not
Then Nature gets really annoyed.

It will go to great lengths to fill in such a blank
With whatever approach it is able.
It will seek to replace
An unoccupied space
‘Til the balance of stuff becomes stable.

Human knowledge abides by a similar rule
When cognition encounters a gap;
We refuse to maintain
Such a gulf in our brain
So we stuff it with ludicrous crap.

So when something occurs and it can’t be explained,
Or we see, hear or feel something odd,
Then it’s aliens, ghosts,
Or it’s heavenly hosts,
Psychic powers, dud chakras or God.

What is it that makes us impatiently jump
To conclusions so clearly absurd?
Why are people so prone
To escape the unknown?
Why are flimsy delusions preferred?

What’s so hard about leaving some things unexplained?
Is uncertainty really a foe?
When our own perspicacity
Reaches capacity
Why can’t we say “I DON’T KNOW”?

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