29 November 2013

The priest and the rabbi.

Because it's time the truth came out.

So a priest and a rabbi walk into a pub.
“Have a beer?” asked the priest, “Maybe stay for some grub?”
“Oh, I’d love to”, the rabbi replied, “But I’m late
For a meeting with several corrupt heads of state
Who want in on our grand plan to run all the banks,
And insurers and large corporations, but thanks.”
“You guys run all the banks?” asked the priest, “Is that true?
“Yes of course!” said the rabbi, “and Hollywood, too!
And the courts, universities, press and TV
And the Federal Reserve and constabulary.
You’ll find us wherever you find profiteers,
We’ve been running the world now for hundreds of years,
Since we first stole your children while sleeping in bed
To put fresh Christian blood in our Passover bread
In the early twelfth century.” “Oh,” said the priest.
“I thought our grasp on power meant yours had decreased.”
“Yes, I know”, said the rabbi, “That’s how it’s designed.
‘Cause we want you to think you’re in charge, but behind
Every Gentile ostensibly managing things
There’s a Ginsberg or Finkelstein pulling the strings.”
“I’m amazed!”, the priest spluttered, “I had no idea,
Of these ‘Elders of Zion’. Please, stay for a beer,
And explain all the hows and the whats and the whys
Of your sinister plot and its mind-blowing size.”
“It’s much simpler,” the rabbi replied, “Than you think.
I’ll explain it before you can finish your drink.
See, I know it appears that we want to be rich,
And to make humankind our proverbial bitch,
And take over control of the planet Earth, but
We just like watching Mel Gibson go off his nut.”

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