01 December 2013


Because we see things differently, and that's that.

When some people look at crop circles it’s absolutely clear
That they’re alien announcements in the grass.
Signs of sage, enlightened beings from an undiscovered sphere.
But to me, that’s just unmitigated arse.

When some people truly think that they can read another’s mind
And communicate with spirits they awaken.
They amaze themselves with all the psychic hits they seem to find,
But I notice all the times when they’re mistaken.

When some people see the footage of Neil Armstrong on the moon
They see someone acting out a complex fraud.
They claim lighting, sets and camera tricks, filmed earlier, in June
But I’ve seen it all debunked, and now I’m bored.

When some people listen closely and hear hoof-beats coming near
And think, “Wow! A herd of zebras! Awesomesauce!”
They prepare themselves for dazzling stripy mammals to appear,
But it is, as I expected, just a horse.

Why do some of us see magic while the rest of us see tricks?
Why do some prefer a hunch to actual data?
Why do people bother searching for ground water using sticks
When electroseismic methods are much smarter?

When a hard-core true believer has a notion in their mind
There’s no point providing rational relief.
‘Cause it seems the strongest substance ever known to humankind
Is the glue that holds together a belief.

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