01 March 2015

Old Wives' Tales

Because scaring the bejesus out of children can be fun.

Jonathon got a strabismus for Christmas;
He pulled a face once and the wind changed its tack.
Eleanor’s Mum’s out of action, in traction
Since Eleanor carelessly stepped on a crack.
Beelzebub’s stolen the soul of young Olaf
‘Cause nobody blessed him right after a sneeze.
Stephanie went out exploring, ignoring
The cold, and returned with a deadly disease.
Libby has square shapes for eyes; no surprise though –
She spent half her days watching kids’ TV shows.
Tom’s nostrils aren’t where he kept ‘em; his septum
Caved in when he wouldn’t stop picking his nose.
Tales such as these may seem flimsy, pure whimsy,
But what if they’re true? Should you just pass them by?
Writing them off as mere fancy is chancy,
So do what you’re told, or you’ll probably die.

Note: I must credit The Digital Cuttlefish once again for this verse form. It's almost impossible to steal something from a cuttlefish. 

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