21 March 2006

Who is Gordon?

With thanks to Bruddy...
Gordon is a panda who lives in a small patch of bamboo near Morton St in Wollstonecraft. He came to my family's attention when my brother found him and got chatting.

Gordon is a fairly well-travelled panda, as evidenced by the above photograph and the numerous postcards sent by him back home. He has participated in the Sydney-to-Hobart yacht race once, but admitted that he was "pretty sh*tscared the whole time". Gordon has been kind enough to send the occasional birthday greeting, and a lovely wedding message. He may or may not have had a suburb named after him.

Gordon is harmless, despite rumours that he enjoys eating children. He maintains that a child's shoe was found lying next to his bamboo patch merely because he likes collecting children's shoes.

1 comment:

  1. Gordon's been a bit slack on the ol' correspondence front recently. I hope he hasn't become Panda Incognita.