10 May 2010

Donate or be doooomed

Ignore Meryl at your peril.

Oh, that Australian Vaccination Network. They do make me laugh. Not in a 'ha-ha-funny' kind of way, but in a 'you-can't-seriously-claim-to-have-a-brain-and-say-that' kind of way. And although I've been blocked from viewing @nocompulsoryvac's (aka the AVN's Meryl Dorey) tweets on Twitter*, I still like to do a little tweet-stalking to get my regular Gish Gallop giggle.

The majority of @nocompulsoryvac's tweets seem to be scheduled through Social Oomph, resulting in a high-rotation hit parade of scary factoids and obtuseness. My favourite is this one:

What a relief! Giving your hard-earned cash to the AVN will help them stop the immediate and terrifying threat of something highly unlikely. Phew. But that's not all! Not only will your donation help stave off compulsory vaccination in Australia, it will also:
  • Help to stop the re-establishment of corporal punishment in primary schools;
  • Silence those lobbying to lower the legal drinking age to 12;
  • Prevent the return of Megalosaurus;
  • Keep the incidence of unicorn-related head injuries to a minimum;
I wouldn't be so foolish as to say I'm no fool, but I shan't be parting with my money soon.

* I know. Little old me has been blocked. But I'm so nice.


  1. But... but I need to get my unicorn vaccinated.

  2. There's that theory that we need the nutcases at the far left and right of moral and social issues to keep the majority travelling in the middle. So Meryl really is doing society a service.It's just not the service she thinks she's doing.

    And you is HARD Shell, getting yourself all Twitter-blocked. Soft stay-at-home-Mum, be damned. Watch out Pre-School P and C.

  3. Personally, I've always wondered exactly _how_ a donation to the AVN would help prevent vaccination being made compulsory in Australia. I envision a protest march. All the unvaccinated would gather together in Bangalow and drive convoy-style towards Canberra chanting anti-vax slogans and singing anti-vax songs. Somewhere around Gosford half the kids come down with an itchy and very contagious rash and an internecine struggle breaks out over whether to use homoeopathy or let the diseases progress naturally.

  4. Ken McLeod11:26 am

    Asking for donations to campaign against something that was never going to happen sure does look like fraud to me. To the Batcomputer, Robin!