20 February 2011

A Secular Rant, Rodgers and Hammerstein Style.

Because the Australian government wouldn't know "secular" if it bit them on the coveted ass.

While reading The Australian Book of Atheism, I've come to realise just how much public money goes towards religious education in Australia, and how much tax-free money a religious institution can rake in.
Shelley does not approve. In fact, having my hard-earned and willingly-paid taxes go towards teaching kids about Big Angry Sky Daddy while actual churches pay no tax is one of my least Favourite Things. With that in mind, I took a tune from one of the world's most cherished musicals and contorted it into a grumpy little verse. Because I have nothing better to do on a Sunday morning.

Hospitals, clinics and subsidised health care;
Sound infrastructure and asset-based welfare;
Natural disaster relief put aside;
These are the things that our taxes provide.

Teaching religion while school is in session;
Chaplains untrained in a childcare profession;
Catholic school funding held forth on a plate;
These should have nothing to do with the State.

Hardworking people with moderate income;
Small business owners whose books are fair dinkum;
Lucky investors whose capital grew;
These are the folks who pay tax when it’s due.

Cavernous churches with huge congregations;
Each one demanding faith, love and donations;
Some even teach song and dance for a fee;
These are the folks who get money for free.

While your belt’s tight;
And your fees sting;
While you’re feeling broke:
In Canberra they pander to God-fearing groups;
And make “secular” a joke.


  1. So, so true!

    Doing the sums, the average household is paying $5,000 every year to these myth-mongers!

  2. Just brilliant! Thank you!

  3. Shelly, this is absolutely outstanding. *applause*

    (Already tweeted (posterous'd) it, but just realised I didn't comment.)

  4. jacktack12:04 pm

    This is terrific. Congratulations, S!
    (Looking forward to the next one & all the others to come ...)

  5. I love this little song! In fact I sing in a secular choir, and would love to see it added to our repetoire.

    I have also read a few of your posts on secular parenting, and would like to recommend a blog:

  6. Stewart10:43 pm

    Loving your work!

  7. It's only a 3% of GDP that skips past the taxman, it can't be that important..oh, but then GST was brought in to control the 2% untaxed due to the black economy. Must be time for a prayer tax.