12 August 2011

The Break-up

Because it's not you, God, it's me. But mostly you.

My parents introduced us and then left us well alone;
They must have been convinced that I was ready.
Soon after, when my soul was sure the seeds of love were sown;
I closed my eyes and asked you to go steady.
I thought about you every day, and spoke to you at night;
We spent our Sunday mornings close together;
You filled my darkest days with a resplendent, gleaming light;
You calmed my stormy moods with clement weather.

But as the long years passed and you took all I had to give;
What once seemed fathomless was strangely shallow;
I realised, as I grew into this life I have to live;
We got involved when I was young and callow.
I read, I learned, I thought, I grasped, I asked, “what if?” and “how?”
My thirst for reason burgeoned by the minute;
My love for you soon drowned. Unfettered thoughts were clearer now:
The world makes much more sense without you in it. 

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