04 January 2012


Because better out than in.

It's a new year, and although it's traditionally a time for making flimsy promises to oneself (more about that in a post coming soon), this year I'm starting with something different. There are a few things I've been keeping to myself for quite some time, and it's time I got them off my chest. Don't worry - I'm not going to say anything about that time you and I did that... you know... to the... thingumabob.

I possess and wear a fragrance with the label ‘Britney Spears’.
I’ve been knitting the same jumper now for years and years and years.
In Four Weddings and a Funeral I'm quite often brought to tears.
I deliberately avoid Salvation Army volunteers. 
I despise musical theatre and most kinds of dinner shows.
When I’m stopped in traffic, sometimes I’m not just “scratching my nose”.
I despatch a Frisbee like a clumsy armless drunkard throws.
I was pissed the night my then-boyfriend decided to propose. 
I hide chocolate from my husband, but then can’t remember where.
I put birdseed on a child’s head once, when in Trafalgar Square.
I have difficulty trusting men with meagre forearm hair.
I like doing ‘bunny ears’ to other people deep in prayer.

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  1. @geeforce7711:34 pm

    The Melbourne Int Comedy Festival needs you!