14 January 2012

[Insert Sponsor Here] Radio Show

Because the show must go on.

He’s quite a funny bugger,
So I’m fairly often told,
But he needs a bit of help
Before his tickets are all sold.
He’s at the Fringe in Adelaide;
Rob Goldsmith is his name.
But if he can’t find sponsorship,
Well, that would be a shame.
So throw a buck or two his way;
Support Australian arts.
He needs to pay the venue’s rent,
Before the drama starts.
Each dollar means so much,
And there are still a few to go;
And if you give twenty-five or more,
You get to see the show!

I'm going to ask you for money. Not much. And not for me.

A mate is putting on this show at the Adelaide Fringe Festival this year, and it needs a sponsor. Just a few dollars will help him and his cohorts pay for a venue and accommodation, and put on a good show without getting into trouble with landlords and electricity companies and Mafia bosses back home.

Go on. Put a cup of coffee and raisin toasts' worth here:

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