02 October 2012

The King's Tribune

Because great writing needs great readers. Like you.

See these words you're reading? How much did you pay for them? Not much, huh. And how much are you enjoying them? Let's be frank - they're a little bit clumsy and over-punctuated. Pretty much worth what you paid.

Now imagine that some of the best writers in Australia are putting together all manner of insightful, hilarious, shocking and informative stories about things that you're really interested in, every single month, without huge ads for pore-minimising magic skin creams or actor-endorsed timepieces getting in the way. Now THAT would be worth paying for. 

I have some good news. 

The King's Tribune, one of the best damn independent magazines in the history of good independent magazines, provides exactly those things, every month. It manages to attract some of the very best writers on what can only be described as a tight budget. I'd really, really like them to keep doing that, and after a read, I reckon you will too. So here's what you can do:

1. Dip your toe in by grabbing a single copy of the King's Tribune here
2. Exclaim loudly "I MUST HAVE MORE!" and subscribe here.
3. Do your bit to keep brilliant independent media afloat by donating here.
4. Give yourself a biscuit.

Thank you. Now you may have a pome.

The King's Tribune is quite the thing
For morning coffee pondering,
It feeds your brain
Aboard the train
Or omnibus. 

Twelve times a year it treats your eyes
To words of every shape and size
Arranged in lines.
It redefines

For culture, science, politics
And sticking it to backward pricks
You’ll not find more
In any store.
For serious. 

Fine writing and subscribers mean
Few ads pollute this magazine.
It’s good that way,
So what’dya say?
Be one of us.

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