27 June 2016


Because hindsight, at today's exchange rate, is still 20/20

Whoops! I thought that we was voting summink different innit;
I didn’t know we’d really take the EU and, like, bin it.
For sure I thought the ‘Leave’ vote would add up to less than half;
I only voted ‘Leave’ ‘cause my mates dared me for a laugh.
That Nigel bloke said immigrants was stealin’ British jobs;
I didn’t know that Nigel is the king of racist nobs.
He said we’d save some money that could save the NHS;
There’s more to this than what he might’ve said (or not) I guess;
‘Cause now the Pound is down and our financial future’s drab;
But most importantly: CAN I STILL GET A CHEAP KEBAB?

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