06 September 2011

Curriculum Writey

Because it's National Poetry Week, which may or may not have anything to do with anything.

I’m not one of those
Who is given to prose
About violets and roses and pain.

My style is archaic,
My topics prosaic;
But that’s how things are in my brain.

I write down my views
And my thoughts on the news,
Recent stories, opinions and trends.

I’m reasonably neat
With my metrical feet
And I like to put rhymes on the ends.

There’s skeptical stuff
And there’s more than enough
About magic and woo-woo and God.

There are secular rants
And a bit about pants
And a whole category called Odd.

I’m sure Poetry Week
Is for people who seek
Out the deeply profound and fair dinkum.
If these verses of mine
Fit the bill, well that’s fine,
I just type out my thoughts as I think ‘em

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